2019-06-08 @ 12:00 UTC Our pool was recently attacked from IP addresses based in China, subnet The attack was fully mitigated. Our automated systems reacted fast, miners were redirected to our other node. Due to spam nature of the attack, the pool daemon software was working over-time to handle the spam miner connections. Instability didn't last longer than 3 hours.

The first worldwide XDAG pool

Mine freely from all over the world. Our pools provide an unified UI so you can always find all your data in one place. Extra mining rewards and advanced features ensure you'll get the best mining experience.

Extra rewards

Extra mining rewards are distributed outside normal mining rewards to our top contributors. Enjoy more earnings than on any other pool. Top contributors are paid from pool fee.

Powerful servers

All of our nodes run on powerful servers, ensuring lowest latencty and maximum capacity. Choose a node near you and start mining.

Easy setup

We provide official mining binaries preconfigured & ready to go so you can start mining with a single click.

Automatic pools switching

In case any of our pools become desynchronized or full, you do not have to worry about anything. We automatically redirect you to next available pool. Enjoy 100% mining uptime.

Start mining now: solo.xdag.org:13655
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Active miners

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Germany Equal

23.394 Gh/s
21 Miners
43.96 hours

Germany Solo

4.699 Th/s
137 Miners
7.31 minutes

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Detailed list of our pools

  Name Version Domain and port Miners Hashrate Block every Extra rewards Config
Germany Equal 0.3.0 equal.xdag.org:13656 21 / 8192 23.394 Gh/s 43.96 hours 5% Equal distribution
Germany Solo 0.3.0 solo.xdag.org:13655 137 / 8192 4.699 Th/s 7.31 minutes 5% Solo mining

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