The first worldwide XDAG pool

Mine freely from all over the world. Our pools provide an unified UI so you can always find all your data in one place. Extra mining rewards and advanced features ensure you'll get the best mining experience.

Extra rewards

Extra mining rewards are distributed outside normal mining rewards to our top contributors. Enjoy more earnings than on any other pool. Top contributors are paid from pool fee.

Powerful servers

All of our nodes run on powerful servers, ensuring lowest latencty and maximum capacity. Choose a node near you and start mining.

Easy setup

We provide official mining binaries preconfigured & ready to go so you can start mining with a single click.

Automatic pools switching

In case any of our pools become desynchronized or full, you do not have to worry about anything. We automatically redirect you to next available pool. Enjoy 100% mining uptime.

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World map

Canada #1,
17.683 Gh/s
38 Miners
55.51 hours

Finland #1,
36.639 Gh/s
16 Miners
26.85 hours

Germany #1,
101.549 Gh/s
83 Miners
9.67 hours

Germany #2,
9.821 Th/s
93 Miners
4.05 minutes

Germany #3,
1.886 Th/s
2 Miners
106.03 hours

China #1, Maintenance
0 h/s
0 Miners

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