RandomX mining in XDAG, upgrade soon

2021-02-17 22:42:53

Dear Miners,

XDAG will switch to RandomX mining algorithm at main block 1540096. To continue mining, you need to update your mining software.

Windows miners - please use our setup wizard on https://xdag.org/en
Linux miners - please follow instructions on https://github.com/swordlet/DaggerRandomxMiner

Please note the miner does not support GPU mining yet. When GPU mining is available, we will issue a separate announcement.

Please upgrade only after the algorithm has been switched (February 22nd 2021, 15:00 UTC). There is no automatic algorithm switch in the miner.

Should you have any questions please contact us.

Happy mining,
xdag.org team

Important News about Canada and China nodes

2019-01-31 19:06:52

Hello dear XDAG miner!

Firstly, let us thank you for mining on XDAG.org!

It is been more than a year since XDAG mainnet launch and it is going strong. However we come to a decision to close some of our server nodes across the world (Canada, China) due to its low usage. We want to scale with miners and provide you the best XDAG mining experience. Ever.

Thank you.

XDAG.org development team.

More bonus till the New Year! Happy mining with xdag.org!

2018-12-11 08:34:58

Hello dear miners,

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and for supporting XDAG by mining on xdag.org.
We are happy to announce that we increase bonus rate on Canada and China pools up to 10% and on Finland pool up to 50%!
We also want you to feel a magic of upcoming holidays so new bonus rates are valid until the New Year!

Thank you for mining with us!

Better workers monitoring at xdag.org

2018-12-04 16:09:52

Dear Miners,

you can now monitor your workers more precisely at xdag.org! We have implemented brand new features to help you keep your workers on track, online and mining for maximum rewards. If you use named workers and are subscribed to offline miner notifications, from now on you will automatically receive worker offline notifications whenever any of your named workers disconnect for more than 15 minutes. Moreover, you can monitor your steady connections count - just visit the Miners page and subscribe! ;-) The second funcitonality is useful if you don't use named workers.

Tip: always use unique names for your workers for best possible monitoring.

We wish you stable rewards and high profits,


Bonus must go on!

2018-10-15 16:33:28

Hello, Dear Miners!

We want to give a quick announcement. According to your requests we continue giving you 10% bonus on every pool till 23rd of October. And for our Chinese miners the 13% bonus will last till the end of the month. We wish you stable and lucky XDAG mining with https://xdag.org !

New pool online: Global XDAG mining pool now in China!

2018-09-23 21:32:12

Hello, Dear miners, first of all I want to thank you that you are with us.

We constantly work on improvements of our Worldwide Pool ( https://xdag.org ) and we are excited to announce that we are opening new pool's location. It is China! Chinese miners contribute much into society development and improve network stability so we are very happy to provide a great service to them!

Of course we want everyone share this exciting moment with us so we increase Bonus up to 10% on each pool! Wohooo!

We wish you low temperatures, high hashrate and stable mining with https://xdag.org

A NEW, World-Wide XDAG.ORG Mining pool from XDAGPool.com & it's partners!

2018-08-30 21:57:32

XDAGPool.com with cooperation from partners has opened the FIRST worldwide XDAG pool, under the new domain name https://xdag.org ! Presented with all new user interface, new functionality, and more! :)

Highlighted features:

  • automatic pools switching. Does one of our pools become desynchronized, or become full? Not to worry, our automatic system will redirect your miners to other one of our pools within 6 minutes, enjoy uninterrupted mining for maximum rewards! ;-)
  • brand new, unified UI. All your data are in the same place, on one website. Never more do you have to search for your payouts, statistics and more on multiple websites! :)
  • multilanguage support. Enjoy our pool in 3 languages, English, Chinese, and Russian. Your language is automatically detected using your browser and OS settings. You can switch languages at any time.
  • easy miner setup wizard. Configure your miner by filling out the web form, and start mining with one click! ;-)
  • extra mining rewards. Top 3 miners on any of our pools receive extra rewards from accumulated pool fee. Enjoy extra coins, these rewards don't affect any other normal mining rewards.
  • detailed graphs, statistics, full payouts history. Filter all your data in one place
  • automatic suggestion of mining pool based on your location
  • strong support for xdag network, all our nodes run on very powerful servers, ensuring lowest possible latency and maximum capacity
  • no user registration. All your data are automatically collected, processed and are available, without any need to register.
  • automatic miner offline notifications. Subscribe to your miners and receive an alert if your miner becomes offline on all of our pools. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • mobile friendly website design, check out the pool status or your mines from anywhere! ;-)

XDAGPool.com pools #1 - #3 are part of the new project, under the new pool names Germany #1 - Germany #3. All your miners are still mining without any downtime, and will continue to do so, you don't have to change anything! :)

Please check out our new project, https://xdag.org, and enjoy! :) Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Looking forward to see you on our new pool, Sincerely yours, XDAG.ORG staff

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