When can I expect mining rewards?

Each pool pays out 16 minutes after it finds a main block. Main blocks are found on the network every 64 seconds. The larger the pool is, the larger the chance of it finding a block. Luck factor plays a role as well. In summary, the larger the pool is, the more frequent payouts you can expect. A healthy pool finds a block every 6 hours or less.

Do I earn more or less depending on pool power?

No. Each miner earns the same on a smaller or larger pool. The only difference is the payouts frequency. Larger pools pay out more often, but smaller payouts, smaller pools pay out less often, but larger payouts.

What is pool config and how does it affect my payouts?

Every pool has a fee and donates to XDAG community fund. Fee and community fund payout are subtracted from main block reward. Rest of each block reward is split amongst all pool's miners, connected or previously connected. There are two important variables, "reward for found block" and "reward for direct contributions to found block". When these values are zero, each miner is paid proportionally to it's hashrate. When "reward for found block" is greater than zero, miner that found the block receives a larger payout for the found block. When "reward for direct contributions to found block" is greater than zero, all miners which contributed to new found block are given larger payouts. In summary, zero values for these two variables mean most steady payouts (in terms of payout amount). When these values are greater than zero, your payouts might jump up and down in terms of amount, depending on your luck factor. Pools with these variables set to non-zero values are more suitable for larger miners, as those miners have a greater chance of either finding a block or directly contributing to it - pools with such config resemble solo mining. Pools with both values zero are suitable for any miner and provide most steady payouts.

What are extra rewards?

Extra rewars are a special feature of our pool. Top 3 miners (by hashrate) on each of our pools receive extra rewards periodically. These rewards are paid out from accumulated pool's fee, and don't affect payouts to other miners at all. Extra rewards are calculated each five minutes, and are paid out at the end of the day. So whenever you are the in the top 3 positions on the leaderboard on any of our pools, you are earning extra coins. The more powerful the pool is, the larger the extra rewards for top 3 miners on that pool are (as the pool itself is earning more, because it finds main blocks more often). A common strategy for large miners is to place their machines on a pool they will be the largest miner on (or at least in top 3). The larger the pool you are in top 3 is, the larger the extra rewards are. Top miner on each pool receives 50% of total daily extra reward. Second miner receives 33%, third miner receives the rest. Please note these values are augmented all the time depending on pool power and network hashrate and therefore fluctuate during the day, so displayed value is only an approximation. You can always check your extra paid out rewards by using the Payouts page. Extra rewards are marked separately, and can be filtered.

Do I receive less when mining just for a fraction of time?

No. Whenever you mine, your hashpower is taken into account. Even if you disconnect, you will still receive payout for your work next time the pool finds a blocks. Moreover, you will receive any extra rewards you may have accumulated during your mining period. Extra rewards are distributed each five minutes, summed at the end of the day, and paid out.

How does the automatic pool switching work?

Pool switching is a fully automated process. Automatic pool switching triggers for any pool node that became desynchronized, offline, or we perform maintenance on it (such as upgrading it to a newer version). You won't notice any connectivity issues longer than 6 minutes, in most cases, you won't notice any connectivity issues at all. From your point of view, the only thing that happens is that your miners will show they are connected to different pool than they originally were. You can observe this behavior on miners, payouts and leaderboard pages. Once the automatic switch is over, your miners will be put back to their original pool. Pools that are currently under maintenance are marked differently on the world map, and show "Maintenance" on main pools listing.

Can I view my miners hashrate history and status?

Yes. All of this information is available on the miners page. Once you filter your miners by e-mail or wallet addresses, this filter becomes persistent and is by default available also on the payouts and leaderboard pages. Leaderboard uses your filter to mark your miners so you can easily see your leaderboard position.

Are miner offline notifications supported?

Yes. You can subscribe to miner offline notifications by using the miners page. You can also unsubscribe at any time. When all of your workers under the same XDAG address become offline, and stay offline for 15 minutes, we will send a "miner offline" notification to your e-mail address. Furthermore we monitor all your named workers, and if any of them becomes missing for 15 minutes, you will receive a "workers offline" notification. Individual worker offline notifications are supported only for named workers. If you don't use named workers, you can enable "connections decreased" notification, we will send an e-mail whenever your steady connections count decreases.

What are the benefits of a worldwide pool?

The XDAG network benefits greatly by having a mesh of interconnected, fast nodes on powerful servers. Our solution improves network stability and supports further decentralization. From your point of view, worldwide pool allows you to mine wherever you are, with lowest latency. Moreover, you can always have all your miners data in the same place, and never more you have to search for your detailed payouts, statistics or graphs on multiple web pages.

Are your mining packages safe?

Yes. We don't modify the binaries in any way, only the official releases are mirrored. We do provide custom batch files so you can get your miner going with a single click, without the hassle of configuring everything yourself.

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