Windows CPU miner setup
For Windows 10 64-bit
  1. Download from the official repository.
  2. Extract the archive into C:\xdag
  3. Create a new bat file C:\xdag\RUNMINER.bat
  4. Insert one line into the file:
    C:\xdag\xdag.exe -d -m 4
    Replace 4 with number of mining threads, for dedicated mining machines, set this to number of CPU threads.
  5. Double click the RUNMINER.bat file, set your wallet password, type random keys (at least 3 lines of random keys). Once the host keys are generated (might take a while), miner will start. Do not close the console window at any time.
  1. To start the miner, simply run the RUNMINER.bat file.
  2. To update your installation to the latest version, stop the miner by typing terminate in the miner console, press enter. Download new from the official repository. Extract the archive into C:\xdag, overwriting the files. Run RUNMINER.bat as usual.
  3. To view your current balance at any time, type balance in the miner console. If you want to see your wallet address, type account into the miner console. To copy your wallet address, select it with your mouse and press enter. You can also use our website to check your balance at any time on the home page, or register your miner to automatically show it's balance, payouts, unpaid shares and more.
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