Windows GPU miner setup
For Windows 10 64-bit
  1. Download latest x64 zip package from GitHub.
  2. Extract the archive into C:\DaggerGpuMiner
  3. Download wallet from the official repository.
  4. Extract the archive into C:\DaggerGpuMiner\wallet
  5. Create a new bat file C:\DaggerGpuMiner\wallet\RUNWALLET.bat
  6. Edit with notepad. Insert one line into the file:
    C:\DaggerGpuMiner\wallet\xdag.exe -d -m 1
  7. Run the RUNWALLET.bat file.
  8. Set your wallet password, type random keys (at least 3 lines of random keys). Wait until the host keys are generated (might take a while).
  9. Type state and press enter. If the output is not Connected to the mainnet pool. Mining on. Normal operation., wait a bit and type state followed by enter key again.
  10. Type account. You will see your XDAG address. Select it using mouse, and press ENTER to copy it into your clipboard.
  11. Open a new notepad instance, and paste your XDAG wallet address there.
  12. Go back to the open CPU miner console, and enter terminate, followed by enter key.
  13. Create a new bat file C:\DaggerGpuMiner\RUNMINER.bat
  14. Edit with notepad. Insert one line into the file:
    C:\DaggerGpuMiner\DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -a wallet_address -p -t 0 -v 2 -opencl-platform platform_id -opencl-devices device_nums
    Replace wallet_address with the address you copied into notepad. Replace platform_id with your OpenCL platform ID, this is most usually 0 (also try 1 or 2 if necessary). If you have more than one GPU in the system, count up from zero to (number of devices - 1), so for example if you have 4 GPUs in your system, replace device_nums with 0 1 2 3. If you have only one GPU, replace device_nums with 0. To see advanced GPU miner parameters, execute DaggerGpuMiner.exe -h.
  15. Double click the RUNMINER.bat file, your miner will now start. Do not close the console window at any time.

Note: if you are using NVIDIA GPUs, make sure you add -nvidia-fix at the end of the command line in step 14 to prevent high system gpu usage and increase your hashrate.

Note: you can assign worker names to each GPU miner instance. To specify a worker name, add -w name at the end of the command line in step 14, replacing name with your chosen worker name. Worker name can only contain english letters and numbers.

  1. To start the miner, simply run the RUNMINER.bat file.
  2. To update your installation to the latest version, stop the miner by pressing CTRL+C in the miner console. Download new x64 zip package from GitHub. Extract the archive into C:\DaggerGpuMiner, overwriting the files. Run RUNMINER.bat as usual.
  3. To view your current balance at any time, execute RUNWALLET.bat, type in your wallet password, press enter, type balance and press enter. If you see not ready to show balance, wait a bit and type balance again, followed by enter key. When you are done, type terminate followed by enter to close your wallet. You can also use our website to check your balance at any time on the home page, or register your miner to automatically show it's balance, payouts, unpaid shares and more.
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